Sunday, March 1, 2015

In Christ alone, my hope is found!

This post is more of an encouragement to all who are followers of Jesus Christ!

 About 2 weeks ago I was going through something emotional, and felt such a burden on my heart, so in order to calm myself down I began to spin some yarn...

As I was spinning the Lord began to speak to my heart, He said very simply...

Elisa, I am the potter and you are the clay, but let me explain this in a way that you will understand and can relate too...

I am like the spinner on a wheel and you are the fiber being spun from my hand!

This spinning wheel is like life, the wheel keeps spinning just like life keeps going... time stops for no man. I am the one who treadle the wheel to spin, because I am the Author of life, I hold time in my hands and am not limited by time...

During life you will go through many ups and downs... Like a soft fiber of wool, fluffy and extremely easy to rip apart.

 But in my hands you won't stay soft and fluffy... you will be turned into something strong. In order to come out more than a conqueror, victorious, and an overcome you must go through a time of drafting...

When you draft your fiber while spinning, you are stretching the fiber to the max that you want in order to get thick or thin yarn. You may feel as if you are being stretched to the limit, and you are hanging on to the tip of a string and feel as if you will break and collapse and not recover, but know this... I am the one holding you as draft your faith, I will not let you go. And if you break, I will cast you back on again, for I hold you with My hands.

While drafting there will be lumps in the fiber that you have to pick out and toss or else it will have an impact on the yarn in a not so great way... Same goes for you, there will be times that I will bring to your attention what things in your life needs to be plucked out that would stumble you or weaken your faith, trust Me when I say to let it go!

All this drafting and plucking in your life may hurt, but this is all temporary!For in the end you will be unbreakable like the twist of a yarn! 

Trust me, Elisa. You are in my hands and you will not be forsaken or forgotten, I hold you in my hand and gently draft you into something stronger, something better, and something valuable... You are precious to me and no matter what, I will never let you go. 

Be encouraged my dear, friends! To Him be the Glory!!!

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