Sunday, January 8, 2017

Do not despise small beginnings...

2017 is here and I am extremely excited!

 I've never been big on resolutions ( I would always jokingly say, "My resolution is to not make a resolution this year") but this year is different except my husband and I are not making resolutions, we are instead doing something more realistic, planning and making a schedule and calendar to make this quiet land booming with life in the form of a large garden, chickens and helping our pasture thicken with rich food for our future flock and other sustainable animals.
Our first snow fall of 2017!

We have been watching Joel Salatin (we heard about him from the movie Food Inc. I encourage everyone to watch it) and Paul Gautschi  from and have learned so much from them that we wish to incorporate their teaches onto our own gardening and land.

Dustin planning out this year
 We have been writing down what we need to do, starting with a family garden for us and my parents then to keep chickens and then we shall do and build more from there. We have never done this before so we are a bit nervous but at the same time hopeful we will learn quickly , grow from our mistakes and celebrate victories when we thought it couldn't happen.

 We are dreaming BIG but starting out small... we want to look back to this year and remember our theme scripture: Do not despise small beginnings.

 So far we are getting the hang of toughening out the cold while living in a trailer. We got our first snow fall which brought in a very cold 10F degrees highs and a low of 3 degrees at night! Yet here we are warm and cozy in our small home.
Packing away Christmas 2016! We decided to try replanting our tree and see what happens.

 We are hoping to attend a Lambing School at the University of Kentucky the middle of this month (January) as it is to teach new sheep farmers the 101 on how to keep sheep. There will be many classes this year we wish to attend.

 I'm staring at the screen at the moment not knowing what else to write about, not because there is nothing to mention but because there is SO MUCH to write down that I do not know where to start, how to begin, what else to mention, and how to put it all down to make it interesting to read. My mind is completely blank... But then, I read the title of this post, "do not despise small beginnings" and this post is showing just that; a feeling of vulnerability, excitement, hope, nervousness, joy and peace at what this year and every year is about to bring.

My own plans for this year. So far I only have Jan - March

 Right now is the beginning of it all for us and I am thankful to share it with friends, family and whoever else is interested to follow along.

 There is only one way to end this, I suppose... Thank you for joining us in this amazing and exciting journey to growing and learning and living in simplicity... Let it begin!

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