Saturday, June 11, 2016

There is something about my man...

A hay bale at the top of our new land cut and baled by our neighbor for his horses

" ... I'll fly away, fly away, Oh Glory
I'll fly away; (in the morning)
When I die, Hallelujah, by and by,
I'll fly away (I'll fly away)...."                                   

Softly Allison Krauss was singing away on my laptop in our small apartment living room. Sadie girl was gnawing away on her chew toy at the feet of my darling husband... Dustin had his feet up on our $15 table I found at a thrift store, sighing as he usually did when browsing the web looking at homesteading sites. Dreaming... always dreaming but yet had a restlessness within him that was longing to bring to life these dreams he had, yet, glancing around our small 2 bedroom apartment in the small town of Alpine, CA with only a teeny tiny backyard (enough for Sadie Girl to walk around in) proved that all he could do was dream of the farm and farm animals he desired to have in order to be self sustaining.

Darling husband looked to his left with a small smile as his wife sat quietly trying out her very new drop spindle she purchased for only $17 which also bought a small amount of alpaca roving. She sat there frowning over her spindle trying to understand it and though the frustration was growing her determination was growing, she would not give up! Finally, her spindle began to twirl awkwardly, yet she was understanding she had to pinch and draft... the weight of the spindle wouldn't draft the roving itself!

With a sigh of contentment she leaned back and relaxed spinning away.

I recently went to Yuma, AZ with my parents to pick up a dodge neon that used to be mine. While there I visited my dad's parents and he picked guamachil fruit from their property to bring back to Tennessee and plant on our property and hopefully it will grow! The buds in the pod that hold black seeds you eat and it taste like a very sweet almond with even a hint of tamarind (what I tasted). Very beautiful and delicious!

There this young couple sat enjoying the quiet evening but yet inside her husband he was wrestling with an urge to just... just... "... I'll fly away... i'll fly away..." the song continued. That was it! He wanted to fly away with his tiny family and start his dream, but how? When? Where?

 Elisa looked at dear husband and casually brought up homesteading and dreaming along with him about purchasing land and becoming more self sustaining, he then said, "But what primary farm animal would we want? I want to handle animals for a purpose... but I wonder what?" as he said these words he was hypnotized by the spindle beginning to finally lose it's awkward twirl and began to confidently twirl gracefully as it's handler kept drafting more confidently. 

Wild raspberries, a colorful butterfly, and happy bumble bee... so much life on our land!

Elisa stopped the spindle and placed it on her lap and looked up at the ceiling wondering along with him and with a nonchalant tone, " Would be nice to handle sheep for the wool. Maybe have a small business spinning yarn or selling the raw fleece..."

As if there was a sonic boom we both jumped at the idea Elisa mentioned and looked at each other, Dustin placed his feet on the ground and sat up straight and said firmly with a flash in his eyes, "That is it! That is IT!"

He then began to research on sheep, looking at photos and videos and could not STOP! His passion began, his dream was one step closer to becoming a reality, there in the small 2 bedroom apartment where they dwelt in the small town of Alpine, CA.

Spinning away at the top of our property... so much inspiration around me!
What I am currently spinning: Under the Sea

   Fast forward to today...

There we were on our 22 acre pastured land in the great state of Tennessee 1 year and 8 months after that conversation looking at the beauty of what God has blessed us with in awe how far we have come in just a short amount of time... an added blessing is that my parents has invested in this land believing in our dream and will also build their dream cottage just a walk away!

My husband working so hard near our pond

 Today, I watched my husband as he passionately used my father's weed whacker and removed long grass that was not cut by a neighbor (who cut our pasture for hay for his horses) and as he rested from his work he would have this serene look in his face and excitement in his eyes... I saw it... A man who has found his purpose and realizing that his dream was no longer just a dream but now becoming a reality. 

Taking a much needed nap. How handsome is my man!

There is nothing more sexy than a man who won't stop dreaming and working toward his passion. Nothing more attractive than a man working in the hot sun sweating away, smelling of the earth, with eyes filled with determination and a heart consistently thanking the Lord or His goodness and mercy and guidance! 

There I worked alongside him cutting down branches at a nearby tree where we will be building our small tiny temporary home until we have raised enough funds to build our dream farmhouse. 

Dreamers dream but people of passion take action.

My grizzly man, how you inspire me and I am constantly rising in love with you.


  1. Lovely post , God bless you your husband and your family!! Beautiful land!!

    1. Thank you!!!! It has been a hectic couple of months I haven't been able to update this blog but guess what? I'm back ready to write some more since we just moved to our new home!!! Thank you for the sweet comment. :)